keywordSet and keyword

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It is recommended that meaningful sets of keywords each be contained within <keywordSet> tag. Use one <keywordSet> for a group of terms identifying the contributing organization(s), e.g., the LTER or OBFS site, LTREB or Macrosystems project , which is especially if data are co-funded or funding is leveraged. Meaningful geographic place names also are appropriate (e.g. state, city, county). If groups of keywords are from a specific vocabulary, its name belongs the optional tag <keywordThesaurus>.

Context: Communities sometimes have specific requests for keywords to assist in searches. E.g, the LTER requests that keywords should include a LTER core research area(s), the network acronym (LTER, ILTER, etc.), three-letter site acronym and site name. In addition to specific keywords, relevant conceptual keywords should also be included, e.g., from the LTER Controlled Vocabulary.

Example 9: pubDate, abstract,keywordSet, keyword

   <para>Ground arthropods communities are monitored in different
      habitats in a rapidly changing environment. The arthropods are
      collected in traps four times a year in ten locations and determined
      as far as possible to family, genus or species.</para>
   <keyword keywordType="place">City</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="place">State</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="place">Region</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="place">County</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">FLS</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">Fictitious LTER Site</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">LTER</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">Arthropods</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">Richness</keyword>
   <keywordThesaurus>FLS site thesaurus</keywordThesaurus>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">ecology</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">biodiversity</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">population dynamics</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">terrestrial</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">arthropods</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">pitfall trap</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">monitoring</keyword>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">abundance</keyword>
   <keywordThesaurus>LTER controlled vocabulary</keywordThesaurus>
   <keyword keywordType="theme">populations</keyword>
   <keywordThesaurus>LTER core research areas</keywordThesaurus>