Brief description of markdown format for EDI documentation. Examine the raw file to see syntax.

These templates are based on Kramdown. This page has examples, and also shows you what how the md is transformed to html:

Typical Components - headers, sections

H1 header

H2 header

H3 header

horizontal rules

Insert a horizontal rule with three or more asterisks, dashes or underscores, optionally separated by spaces or tabs, on an otherwise blank line:

* * *


  _  _  _  _


Code Blocks

this is a code block defined by pre and code tags.
  <code>this is a code block defined by pre and code tags.</code>
This is a code block defined by tildes.
Ending lines must have at least as
many tildes as the starting line. this code block has 2 imbedded tildes that did not close the block.

A code block with language specified is defined by backquotes:

def what?

For an inline code block: use single backtick

For an inline code block: use `single backtick`

nested lists

  1. Item one
    1. sub item one
    2. sub item two
    3. sub item three
  2. Item two

list numbering is automatic (look at src md to see original labeling)

  1. Item parent
    1. sub item
    2. sub item
    3. sub item
  2. Item another parent
    1. sub item
    2. sub item

Example of how to create a link: link to 966.pdf.

<a href="/data-package-best-practices/files/966.pdf">link to 966.pdf</a>

This example uses HTML, and tildes. This code block has a token in it, which ideally is not replaced in a code block. If they are, look a the source. You can also use markdown shortcuts. see the kramdown quick ref.

Markdown shortcut:

[link to 996.pdf](/data-package-best-practices/files/966.pdf")

How to link to a file

  1. commit the file appropriate dir (in this case, we used doc/file. For many files, the archive is a better choice.
  2. create link using site.baseurl (for files in doc/files)
  3. create link using site.codeurl (for files elsewhere in the repository)

Example of how to create a link to a doc elsewhere in the repo: link to EML BP doc 2004 version

<a href="">link to EML BP doc 2004 version</a>

Example of a how to include an image. Same process, use the images dir and site.baseurl: EDI logo

<img src="/data-package-best-practices/images/EDI-logo-svg-240.png" alt="EDI logo" height="80" width="80"/>